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Questions For Christians

If you are a Christian, maybe you can answer these puzzling questions? After reading the bible and diving into the details of the Christian faith, there seems to be quite a number of inconsistencies that don't make sense. Have YOU ever really thought about this? The best answers will be posted here. You can submit responses to: answers@whichreligion.com. Back to Religion Page. Also, here is the forum with responses to the "Questions For Christians" page.

  1. If God is "all-knowing" and "all-seeing", why pray?
    This really doesn't make sense. If God is omnipotent, watches over you and knows what you're doing, and what you're thinking, then what is the point of talking to him? He already knows what you're thinking right? You can't hide that from him, so isn't prayer redundant and a waste of time?

  2. Why is God so vain?
    Seriously, according to the ten commandments, it's not until #6 on God's priority list that people shouldn't kill each other. The first half of the commandments center around God's apparent insecure fixation on his own identity and importance to you. He needs to be acknowledged as the one true god, and there can be nothing else anybody worships. He's very concerned with proper use of his name and all that. If you are a supernatural, immortal, supreme being, are you that concerned with the respect the objects of your creation demonstrate? Do you have an ant pile in your yard? To ants, we might look like a supreme being. Would we impose demands on the ants that they address us by a proper name? Would we really be concerned with some trivial formalities if we were omnipotent? How concerned are you about the day-to-day lives of the ants in your front yard? Wouldn't you be above that? Why isn't god?

  3. What actually is an original sin?
    So God, all-knowing and all-seeing puts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Then he says they can do whatever they want except they can't eat from the two trees in the middle of the garden. And Eve succumbs to a talking snake that tells her it's OK and this creates "original sin" - a curse upon all of mankind. Now, why would God do this if he knew this would happen? Why would he even put the trees in the garden if they weren't for Adam and Eve? The whole notion of original sin seems to be a sadistic joke, played by a mythological overlord to torment humans.

  4. Why are we responsible for original sin?
    In our society, do we penalize children for the transgressions of their parents? If your great-great-great-great-great grandfather robbed a bank, is this your crime as well? Then why, even supposing original sin is legitimate, should the decendants of Adam and Eve continue to be held responsible?

  5. What was Jesus' sacrifice?
    This one just does not make any sense. If Jesus supposedly "sacrificed" himself and "died" on the cross "for our sins", what exactly was the sacrifice? If Jesus is God, according to Christians, then he never really died anyway, and even if he died, he came back to life so he isn't dead. So what sacrifice took place? It seems to me, a sacrifice = stay dead, a true LOSS, but Jesus didn't suffer any great loss, and enduring pain, well that is arguable...who is to say he suffered at all. After all, he's god; he can do whatever he wants, so isn't the whole crucifixtion merely a dog-and-pony show? Why should Christians respect this "sacrifice" when it's not really a sacrifice?

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Want to talk about your religion or read more? Participate in the Religious Discussion messageboard.